About Seltech Obrempong School

    Seltech Ghana have  been  focused on developing, refining and supporting Rural and Urban communities with digital education Module that will help schools to manage their students effectively.

Why Obrempong School Management System?

  • The Management system is developed by the Seltech Ghana Ltd Group who have been providing educational Management system since 2013 in Most part of Ghana. We have trademark where most schools have benefited of our School Management system. 
  • Seltech Ghana is an established company with extensive experience providing world class Software like school administration software and customer support to  large school networks students to small independent schools.


Manage all Activities of the School and the system.


Manage Students and Academics of the Students. Exams, promote students, Time table, Schedule Online assignment and many more.


Track all Student fees, Invoices and manage Income and Expenses of the School.

Simple and transparent pricing.

Obrempong School is affordable and suitable for Basic schools of all sizes.

Going live, training & support

we train our school administrators and continue to support them personally throughout their use of Obrempong School.

One system, natively web

Based on a centralized database, Obrempong School is built from the ground up as an online solution

Free Website & Emails

Our system comes in a Package with free school website, Emails etc

Internet Connectivity

Seltech Provides 4G/LTE wireless and Wired Router with any network of your choice that helps your online Activity. We also Connect Local network.

Passionate about security

Our customer data is precious and we take the responsibility of keeping it safe, seriously. We are also registered with the Data Protection Commission that makes us compliance.